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Overview of Project

Astrobabies is an initiative of the Planetarium of Bogota aims to bring to the boys and girls of 0 to 3 years to knowledge, skills and attitudes of science, specifically the Astronomy, astronautics and related sciences through music, playful and sensorial

Overview of Project

Madagascar has recently introduced astronomy and astrophysics curriculum at Honours and Masters level at the University of Antananarivo. Students come from Physics background have embarked into the programme however there are lack of local expertise to conduct widely used cutting edge tools for research. This workshop will deliver a practical programming in Python for astronomy […]

Overview of the Project

The NEPA/UEA/CNPq [English: Nucleous for Teaching and Research in Astronomy] is a research group located within the International Amazon and has developed actions that respect local knowledge (I refer to the Brazilian Indigenous). In fact, they have a big challenge ahead, namely: to rescue their identity because every day the urban exodus depart indigenous youth of the knowledge and […]

A Guide to Starting a Physics Student Society

We have created a toolkit for setting up a physics or astronomy student club. The guide is aimed at university undergraduates who wish to start their own student society. Download the folder at the link below for the full guide, as well as some additional resources. What is a physics student society? A physics student […]