A Guide to Starting a Physics Student Society

We have created a toolkit for setting up a physics or astronomy student club. The guide is aimed at university undergraduates who wish to start their own student society. Download the folder at the link below for the full guide, as well as some additional resources.

What is a physics student society?

A physics student society, or a physics club, is an organisation of students who love physics and want to get involved in physics related activities! Physics clubs can also facilitate activities related to astronomy, mathematics and other STEM fields.

Why should you start a physics student society?

Physics societies are a great place to learn about physics in a comfortable, exploratory environment outside of the classroom. They present the opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills, join a network of people with similar interests and promote science in your university community!

This toolkit contains:

  • A guide on how to start a physics student society
  • A draft budget
  • A printable sign-up form
  • A printable template for the minutes of a meeting
  • A printable template for events planning

For more resources and tips, check out this blog post as well.

Click to download:

Toolkit: A Guide to Starting a Physics Student Society

If you have any comments or feedback on this project, please send an email to clubs@astro4dev.org.

This toolkit was created by Munira Hoosain, an Astronomy student at the University of Cape Town