OAD Grant Enables Resumption of Academic Activities at Burkina University

Burkina Faso university

The Protect Our Stars project supported a Burkina Faso university in setting up the necessary conditions for the resumption of academic activities while protecting students and staff.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the health system, the economy and especially the educational sector in countries like Burkina Faso. In order to support the university in the fight against the pandemic and allow the resumption of activities while observing the health and safety measures, the Protect Our Stars project obtained the support of the OAD.

The POS project provided students and teachers with masks and handwashing stations in order to facilitate practical work. The implementation of the project has seen the support of students in astrophysics for the awareness and design of washes and washable masks.

Six hand washers with two pedals were installed in the aisles of UFR-SEA and at the entrance of the Astrophysics Observatory of University, over 900 washable masks were distributed, and two awareness sessions were conducted for students.