Astrostays Launches Cosmohub To Benefit Local Community

The Astrostays project has launched a unique women-led astrotourism initiative in India called The Cosmohub. Operated by a local women’s group in a village in Ladakh in northern India, the Cosmohub provides a rich, immersive experience to tourists, combining local culture and the amazing dark skies of the Himalayas.
The Cosmohub’s unique dark skies experience integrates stargazing with local folklores narrated by local women. Visitors can expect a guided tour of the 700-year old monastery and a star-gazing session. A visitor’s centre provides information about our Universe as well as the cultural astronomy of the region. Tourists can also enjoy gastronomical delights with locally sourced, farm-fresh Ladakhi cuisine. The ultimate aim is to benefit the local community and leverage humanity’s fascination with the cosmos.
The Cosmohub is a new initiative of the Astrostays project, one of the OAD’s Flagship projects run in partnership with the Global Himalayan Expedition and Mountain Homestays.