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Astro-tourism Guide Training in Malaysia

A diverse team, including a cultural anthropologist, a camera expert, an astrophysicist, and an entrepreneur, collaborated to train the inaugural batch of astronomy guides in Malaysia. The participants in this program come from various professional backgrounds such as city tour guides, naturalists, tourism operators, and amateurs. To equip them with profound knowledge and skills, we […]

Astrotourism Project in India Empowers Local Youth

AstroTribe is an initiative by AstronEra that is committed to nurturing curiosity, disseminating astronomical knowledge, and empowering underprivileged students worldwide. It embraces the pristine night skies of Himachal Pradesh and Leh-Ladakh in India, as well as the favelas of Brazil. In these regions, where the night sky holds untapped potential for astrotourism, AstroTribe empowers local […]

Astrotourism and Entrepreneurship in a Small Town in Colombia

The small corner of the stars, a tiny house next to the OATA observatory at Tatacoa (Colombia) is the first astrotourism laboratory tied to local fauna and flora, astronomy and care of the environment. Through collaborative work with science clubs composed of scholars from the local school, the project is conducting experiments aimed to expand […]

Student Astroguides Earn First Income through Astronomy

AstroTribe is a science engagement and economic development project that provides astronomical knowledge and skills to tribal students, and trains them as astronomy guides, enabling them to earn income without interfering with their academic schedule. The project has resulted in the successful training of 16 astroguides, conducted 5 stargazing events that raised 30000 INR in […]

How to Start an Astrotourism Business

OAD Fellow Samyukta has written a brief article in the African Science Stars magazine on some factors to consider before starting up an astrotourism business. The special edition of the magazine is focused on astrotourism and its potential in Africa.  Astrotourism falls under the OAD’s Flagship on ‘Sustainable, local socio-economic development through Astronomy’. So far, […]