Astronomy Observatory Staff Assist Community During the Pandemic

Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory Staff Assist Community

The Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory (GRAO) staff assisted their surrounding community by providing masks, soaps, sanitisers, and sensitising them about COVID-19 and how to protect themselves.

PRAGSAC in collaboration with the Ghana Space Science Technology Institute (GSSTI), the Assembly woman of Kutunse electoral area and the Director of the NCCE for GA West/Amasaman engaged seven communities around GRAO with the message of COVID-19 safety protocols whilst distributing face masks, hand sanitisers, flyers and veronica buckets.

Due to COVID-19, most residents around the GRAO are unable to have a sustainable livelihood and needed some assistance to get through the pandemic. Also, astronomy is of great interest to kids and this project was a good opportunity for them to learn and interact whilst protecting themselves. The team reached out to people, especially the kids, with the message of astronomy and hope, while helping to reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19 by providing masks and sanitisers. A total of six handwashing stations, 1000 face masks, 2000 flyers, 206 hand sanitisers and 15 liquid soaps were distributed.