Astronomy Themed Scientific Box Helps Mongolian Students

Astronomy Themed Scientific Box

An astronomy-themed “Scientific box” was developed and distributed to school students and teachers in remote areas of Mongolia. The box, developed by university students and amateur astronomers, included handouts, video talks, presentations and lessons, which served as STEM education tools for the classroom.

School teachers helped to distribute the scientific box to students and families during June-August 2020 in Ulaanbaatar, Bayanulgii, Dornod, Bulagan provinces. During the lockdown, students and their families utilised the materials, observed the night sky and shared their findings. 70 female school teachers and girls, and 50 male school teachers and boys were reached by the project.

Teachers revealed that the video lessons in the box were helpful during school closures. The project received support from the National University of Mongolia, and collaborated with the Hyalganat soum Secondary school, Bulgan province,
Hulenbour soum Educational office Dornod province, and Tsengel soum BayanUlgii province.

The following educational resources and handouts were used in making the scientific boxes Ada’s adventures in science, Universe in a Box, UNAWE.