Tiwanakota Archaeoastronomy (Bolivia) Training Workshop by Astro3DBol

The Astro3DBol project is developing educational kits for the teaching of cultural astronomy and archaeoastronomy in the context of the Tiwanakota culture of Bolivia. The project will target educators and those interested in astronomy and the pre-Inca cultures of Bolivia and help them develop a thematic class of Tiwanacota archaeoastronomy. The kits are being developed through the participation of students and professionals in the area.

The aim is to

  • build capacity for teaching astronomy in class through archaeoastronomy and cultural astronomy
  • increase the value of the Tiwanakota cultural heritage among educators
  • promote good practices for the teaching of astronomy and the development of STEAM projects in Bolivia
  • contribute regional academic content on astronomical education (kits, workshop and multimedia)
  • create a network and database of teachers, astronomy clubs and students interested in archaeoastronomy and cultural astronomy

The team will organize training workshops on the use of the kits. They will provide 100 kits including 3D printing models for teaching astronomy and free multimedia, videos and training resources. Participants who fully complete the training and the didactic application of the Astro3DBol kits in the classroom will receive a complete kit, program training, and institutional certification from the FESA Foundation.

The first workshop will be held on Saturday, July 09, 2022 from 8am to 3pm at the facilities of the San Agustín Educational Foundation, Tupuraya, Cochabamba, organized by the Astro3DBol team, the San Agustín Educational Foundation (FESA) and the network of Coordinators of Astronomy for Education (NAEC).