Overview of the project (Astrolab Extended-2016)

Project leader: Michele Gerbaldi, gerbaldi@iap.fr
Project location: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia

Project Description:

In many countries in Africa there is still a large need for young people to get involved in science studies and research. We propose a cheap and attractive module to learn how to do science and discover that science can be challenging, interesting, and manageable. In previous years, a research project was developed for African science students starting an astronomy course, under the name of ‘Starlight in the University Lab: Astrolab’. Three pilots were started, respectively in Rwanda, Nigeria and Zambia.

This project will be an extension of Astrolab to three or more universities, with several improvements: all necessary software is open-source and freely available, all activities are extensively documented in step-by-step procedures, and additional instruction will be given by one of the pilot members.

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