Overview: AstroPhy Ghana

The project AstroPhy Ghana aims to train Senior High Schools (SHS)/University level 100 students within Accra in Ghana and introduce the students to basic python programming language, astronomy observation and data reduction. A table-top radio telescope (TTRT) will be built using a software-defined radio as a receiver, an amplifier and a horn as an antenna for observing the galactic plane and the sun. Students will have the opportunity to use the training telescope such as the Mauritius small array in Mauritius and SALSA at Sweden to build their skills in operating a telescope, doing observations and data reduction.

Target audience: SHS/University (level 100) students (15 -24 years). 20 students ( 2cohorts)

Implementation Plan:
The project will start in 2023 with team preparation for about a week. During the One-week training workshop for team members, the team will develop their teaching and learning materials (including online teaching and learning materials if the lessons must be delivered virtually). The team will then advertise for applications from SHS/University (level 100) students to attend the workshop. Two (2) workshops will be organised with each lasting for a week.
Internal assessments (pre and post-assessments) will be delivered after every lesson to check their understanding. Trip(s) to the Ghana planetarium/GRAO will be organized for the students.

There will be partnerships with the PRAGSAC team, the GSSTI, Ghana Education Service (GES) and other local/international organizations.

Contact: Joshua Kalognia jkalognia@st.ug.edu.gh