Indonesia Malaysia Project on Astronomy Education using Tactile Image

Impact Dome is a mobile planetarium for Visual Impaired (VI). It is miniatured sphere in geodesic style consist of number of triangular and hexagonal segments joined together. Printed with tactile constellation for each side. Side for northern sky and southern sky. Triangles can be placed in any segment of the dome represent changes of constellation location due to time and latitude Objective : 1. To develop resources for visual impair person in our countries to learn about the Universe.. 2. To collaborate and exchange universe theme project between Malaysia & Indonesia. 3. To collaborate write a book by VI students from both country about sky form Visual impaired perspectives. Project : Develop mobile geodesic dome with tectile images. 1. Plug and play mobile dome in geodesic style. 2. triangle and hexagon printed with tactile constellation in both sides. 3. Triangle can be place in any segment 4. Every piece can be dissembled and be used as a teaching tools for more people to learn. Workshop and collaboration 1. Produce a module to be used in teaching using geodesics dome 2. Teach selected VI students in about stars and constellation 3. Run a video call among students with both country for sharing and collaboration 4. Malaysia and Indonesia students collaborate in writing a book of their perspective about sky and cultural relationship between two countries. End Result : 1. Mobile geodesic planetarium for Visual Impaired 2. Book published consist of s

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