Astrolab: the consolidation phase

In previous years Starlight in the university lab (Astrolab) was developed in Rwanda, Nigeria, and Zambia. Astrolab is an enquiry-based lab for undergraduate students. We organised a workshop in 2018 to give future tutors a thorough training to enable them to direct and monitor students performing their projects. (Reports on OAD/TF1). From the success of this workshop and the request of the participants we propose to establish a managerial African team to enlarge and strengthen this project and to take over the operational aspects of Astrolab. The consortium consists of 2 initial founders (De Greve; Gerbaldi), 2 African universities (TUK, Nairobi, Kenya; University Anambra State, Nigeria), 2 ROADs (SAROAD; WAROAD), the SAAO. Objectives are ● Development of an Astrolab website platform for assistance, exchanging best practices and remote training . The website will be developed and hosted by the SAAO, its updating will be done by the two ROADs. It will be regularly fed with news and tips (such as for better observations and reductions), with a mail to the users list to call for their attention— Development of a supervising/monitoring system, exploited by the ROADs

— Setting up of regular telecom meetings by the ROADs to keep the Astrolab tutorials in different universities going

— On-site visit and training by the African members of the Astrolab consortium for new members of the group

— Exploring the possibility of an agreement with LCO to secure telescope time.

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