Astronomy for all: construction of a 3D planetarium with low cost materials for the inclusion of the visually impaired

The purpose of this project is to create a 3D tactile planetarium that will promote astronomy and provide an experience of STEM that is fun, engaging and inspires curiosity in an inclusive environment. The resources will focus on using low-cost materials such as Styrofoam, beads, twine, plastic bags and newsprint, which make this project accessible to everyone. In addition, a toolkit on how to make the planetarium components and reference guidelines with exemplars for learning content and teaching training will become available online for other people to use, increasing the impact of the project. The proposed project will develop the following representations: 1. A sensory scale model of the solar system which will allow people to open their minds to the vastness of space. 2. A large-scale model of the planets, so they can interact with the surface and size of each planet.

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