Final Report

The First Arab Winter School of Astrophysics (FAWSA) provided a platform for astrophysics knowledge sharing, triggering collaborations between fellow Arab astrophysicists, and building a strong professional Arab community in the field.
The scope of the winter school covered the following fields:
● Solar System and Exoplanets
● Solar Physics
● Galactic Astronomy : Stars, Stellar Clusters, Nebulae, SNR and ISM
● Extragalactic Astronomy : Galaxy Formation and Evolution, and Cosmology
● Observational Astronomy : HRA, Adaptive Optics, Site Testing.
● Technical Tools : Python, IDL, iraf, and Virtual Observatory

Students supported by IAU-OAD funds
We were able to provide a full or partial financial support for a number of selected participants
(depending on the funds). Full financial support for 12 students from the Arab countries was
available; a limited number of partial supports was also be available. The financial support is
assigned based on the financial need and scientific merit of the candidates.

For the full report: FAWSA Final Report (PDF)