Empowering Rational Capacity through Astronomy: A Distant Learning Approach from Bosscha Observatory

Problems to address:
– Low rational and critical thinking capability at almost all levels which have been hindering the much needed fast development in the whole system in the country, and blocking mitigation strategy in emergency situation (eg. natural disasters, pandemic such as now, climate change related issues, etc)
– Low infrastructure and human resource causing gaps in distant learning capacity which is currently a pressing need
Core project idea is to improve learning experience which increases rational and critical thinking ability via astronomy which has been known to be enticing and engaging to all ages, particularly young people. This is to be followed by other specific subject of choice, such as STEM, history, arts, etc. All to be conducted using distant learning mode, due to the current global pandemic problem, but also as a mode worthy of developing for more effective educational impact in remote areas.
This is to be done by developing education material and platforms for various distant learning modes, preparing human resource who will be able to deliver and for further development, and engaging strategically with key units who can benefit from this project as well as contribute to the implementation.
Bosscha Observatory with long experience with public education in astronomy works together with UNAWE Indonesia and the School of Arts and Design of Institut Teknologi Bandung to develop educational material suitable for the aforementioned need, in particular by considering minimal infrastructure (basic learning environment) in remote areas. Specific follow-up STEAM subjects will be prepared, relevant to the need and interest of local schools.
To ensure program sustainability we plan  to do workshops/trainings, strengthen network of resources (eg STEAM educators, museums, etc), and network for implementations (eg local universities, educators, libraries, broadcasters).
Education and training materials will be made available for replicability

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