Astronomy Motivation Activities in Rural India

India has to do lots of works to popular astronomy for the students as well as public. In urban area, popular astronomy lectures on astronomy are held in a big hall. Students enjoy it. But they have no scope to proceed themselves to astronomy because their curriculum. So, this project is valuable to initiate astronomy to school students. There are so many astronomers, professional and amateur, are trying to popular astronomy as their level best.
Astronomy is an oldest subject which is associated with civilization. All our activities are controlled through astronomical activities like making calendar, prediction tide-time, prediction eclipse etc. But now it is not in its own highest position. Students don’t know about astronomical activities.
To enhance scientific temper, initiation of astronomical activities in school level is important. This activity will make foundation in the development of astronomy. In this regard, the curriculum of science and geography of classes 7,8,and 9 have been thoroughly reviewed and the teaching methodology has been inquired. It is shown that there is no scope of practical astronomy in their syllabus. Astronomy poster, pamphlets, books , small refracting telescopes have to be exhibited with demonstration and distributed in schools is essential.

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