COVID-19 in Amazonas – Astronomy strikes back!

Introduction: Amazonas is the Brazilian state that has suffered the most from COVID-19. The average of 48 dead / 100 thousand inhabitants is a national record. In view of the critical situation, measures of social isolation were taken; airports, ports, schools, everything was closed. Currently, the local government has decreed distance learning through internet classes. This government measure does not reach everyone, there are many students who do not have computers or cell phones to access the internet. In other cases, the internet signal is very slow in rural and indigenous communities.
However, we have no alternative but to migrate to online activities. The intention is to minimize the proximity between people. Thus, this project appears in a scenario in which the only access to Science, Technology and Innovation is through the internet, through online actions.
The central idea of ​​the project is to discuss topics and topics related to Astronomy on social networks. Using Astronomy to restore the dignity of young and old, and the belief in science. The target audience is families, students and the community in general. Within the scope of this project, we will develop activities aimed at children in the literacy phase, including students from Elementary School (1st to 9th Grade), High School and Youth and Adult Education.
The implementation plan will use all the resources of the Manaus and Parintins Digital Planetariums. And the following schedule will follow: from July 2020 to October 2020 – holding conferences and lectures on social media and producing activities on astronomy. November 2020 to February 2021 – continuation of activities. March to June 2021 delivery of materials and accountability.