Amazonas: Celebrating Astronomy

“Amazon: Celebrating Astronomy” is a proposal to include the Amazonas in the celebration of the following dates: 50th anniversary of the arrival of man on the Moon, Centenary of the IAU and Eclipse of Sobral-Prince. Throughout 2019, this proposal will make use of the digital planetariums, telescopes (solar and nocturnal), pedagogical laboratory of Astronomy and observatory located in the dependencies of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA). The NEPA is composed of 25 women, being 03 indigenous. They are from all UEA undergraduate courses. Will take hands-on workshops, lectures, ludics activities and courses on astronomy to needy schools in the interior of Amazonas: indigenous, riverside and rural schools. We will work with seven islands. Astronomy is the background for motivating women’s participation in science, strengthening scientific literacy, promoting socio-ethnic-cultural-geographic inclusion, rebuilding the culture and indigenous language, promoting knowledge empowerment, disseminating the above events and citing the importance of actions encouraged by the IAU/OAD inside the Amazon forest. At the end, we hope that teachers and students will be more aware of the role of each of us as a citizen and of all of us for the maintenance of life and preservation of nature and planet Earth. We are talking about sustainability. We intend to synthesize the above actions in the First Astronomy Workshop in Amazonas and in the I Amazonian School of Astronomy Teaching.







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