Astronomy for all- Amazon Astro NEPA

The NEPA/UEA/CNPq [English: Nucleous for Teaching and Research in Astronomy] is a research group located within the International Amazon and has developed actions that respect local knowledge (I refer to the Brazilian Indigenous). In fact, they have a big challenge ahead, namely: to rescue their identity because every day the urban exodus depart indigenous youth of the knowledge and customs of their native culture. To contribute significantly in the social and educational sphere, the NEPA/UEA/CNPq proposes actions related to Astronomy Education in relevance, Indigenous Astronomy. Several teaching resources will be used for young people (from 7 years to 17 years) to rescue the pride of science developed by its people and interest in the study of astronomy, which in this case is linked to rituals. Also in the social and educational level, the NEPA/UEA/CNPq proposes the development of actions that promote scientific literacy of students with Down syndrome. There is still a third audience to be reached: the speaking students in LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language). Overall, this proposal is focused on the scientific literacy of young people (indigenous and non-indigenous) and schools that offer regular courses in Basic Education . They are riverine schools, rural schools, urban schools and Indigenous schools, all within the State of Amazonas, Brazil, within the International Amazon. Finally, as the aim is to encourage the study of astronomy for children and schools, we intend to enter Astronomy classes for late youth, ie, meet the young people who are in EJA (Education for Youth and Adults) and the best age (people over 60). The Astronomy Study create awareness of the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature and respect the planet itself, thereby promoting the quality of life. This proposal is being backed by the PLOAD and Andean ROAD, allowing the exchange of knowledge.








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