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Final Report

“Astro Tourism in South West Asia” Report is available for download as PDF March – November 2016 Astronomical tourism is the form of tourism that involves the sites with astronomical interest, historical and archaeological sites, modern research organizations (observatories, astronomical institutes), educational centres, space museums, planetariums, etc. It is part of scientific tourism. It may […]


So far, “Development of Astro Tourism in South West Asia” project has been run during 5 months, March-July 2016. We have studied the situation with Astronomical Tourism in the world to extend it to our area with perspective of its development. Astro Tourism is part of the Scientific Tourism. In March-June 2016, a number of visits by […]

Overview of the project

Project leader: Areg Mickaelian, Project location: Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates Project Description: People usually travel to get acquainted with culture, history, art and architecture of a country or a city. Why not add an Astronomy context to tourism? Why not visit observatories, laboratories, science museums, planetariums and archeoastronomy sites? South […]