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Science engagement in Remote Areas of Pakistan

All children have a right to a high-quality education and equitable access to educational opportunities, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic condition. Through informal physics and astronomy-related blended learning encounters, “Astro-Phy Quench” has engaged the students from marginalized and underprivileged backgrounds to develop science identity.  The project engaged a) secondary and higher secondary school […]

Astronomy-themed Scout Camp in Kenya

The project revolves around hosting an astronomy-themed scout camp designed for students aged 12 to 15. The goal is to cultivate a passion for astronomy, instill a commitment to preserving the night sky, promote engagement in STEM and engineering disciplines among both genders, and establish connections with the Kenya Scouts Association. We plan to organise […]

Radio Astronomy Training for University Students in Ghana

AstroPhy Ghana 2023 was a one-week, residential radio astronomy training school in Ghana. It focused on Astronomy Instrumentation and Observations Techniques targeting undergraduate and graduate university students. Its objective was to equip students with skills in Python programming, astronomical technical instrumentation, data reduction, analysis, and observational techniques. The primary aim of AstroPhy was to introduce […]

Empowering Underprivileged Youth Through Astronomy

by Hafsa Ghazali and Vania Abbas, STEM Ambassadors for the Astro-Phy Quench project Humans have come a long way. From watching the sky and only being able to appreciate the beautiful, shimmery stars to now initiating a potential adventure to where once only our eyes could go. The study of astronomy is rising exponentially as […]

Celestial Adventures: Inspiring Science and Discovery in Pakistan’s Mountainous Region

By Abeeha Hussain, STEM Ambassador for the OAD supported project “Astro -Phy Quench” Growing up in the northern reaches of Pakistan, far from the light pollution of bustling cities, I’ve had the incredible experience of gazing upon the vast expanse of clear, star-studded skies. Physics has always held a special place in my heart, with […]