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update: Final report

The third GUAtemalan School of Astrophysics (GUASA) was held in Guatemala City and it was on Compact Objects under the motto: Compact Objects: Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs and Black Holes. The school aimed to bring together local Central American/Caribbean undergraduate students of physics /mathematics /engineering, with experts from prestigious astronomical institutions from around the world. […]

Overview of Project

Our project aims to address two significant challenges, one academic and one aimed for the general public. Guatemala, along with many countries of the Central American/Caribbean region, lacks of a solid and well consolidated program of astronomy/astrophysics at Graduate level. The challenge that the GUASA school aims, is to trigger the change needed to improve […]

Overview of Project

The “Summer Workshop on Radio Astrophysics, Tonantzintla 2017” will introduce the topic of Radio Astrophysics to students in the last year of careers in Physics, Astronomy, Engineering, and related fields. The registration will be open to students from Mexican and Central/South American institutions. Our main motivation to promote this specific area is the recent beginning […]


The following bulletin update has been translated from  For the ninth consecutive year, young people from many different countries came together in Tonantzintla, Puebla, Mexico for ESAOBELA, which was, this year, dedicated to Dr. Eugenio Mendoza Villarreal, one of the pillars of Mexican astrophysics. ESAOBELA, which begin on Sunday 10th January, brings together for a […]