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Virtual Mentorship Program has Positive Impact on Colombian Students

The RECA mentor program accompanies undergraduate students from science and engineering careers through their graduate application process. This program pairs senior undergraduate students with mentors, who are professional astronomers (researchers, postdocs, PhD candidates, astronomers currently working in industry). The team provide material and guidance to junior students, through panels and workshops focusing on the possible […]

Videos from RECA Mentorship Program in Colombia

The RECA Mentoring program is focused on guiding students in Colombia who are interested in becoming professional astronomers. It aims to provide concise information so that students interested in becoming professional astronomers can plan their professional future. The program connects astronomers in training with advanced astronomers in their careers (mentors) who will advise the student […]

Overview: A virtual community mentorship program for development in Colombia

virtual community mentorship

The number of astronomers in Colombia has increased in the last decade. However, the job opportunities that these astronomers have in the country are not numerous and often not widely known. Consequently, many highly educated professionals end up working in jobs where their skills are not applied. As a result, a considerable amount of the […]