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OAD Project Launches Code Learning Program

Codelastro training workshop

The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development is supporting the Planetário – Casa da Ciência de Braga, Portugal to develop a code learning program with the Portuguese School of Mozambique and the Portuguese School of Dili Ruy Cinatti in Timor-Leste. The CODELASTRO project is a code learning program based on microbits and astronomical topics. The […]

“Moons, Asteroids and Comets” – Urdu Astronomy Video for Kids (with subs)

Video 3 - Urdu Astronomy Video for Kids

The “Video Astronomy Lessons for Pakistani School Children” project has released the third astronomy educational video in Urdu (with English subtitles). The project, run by Kainaat Kids, produces Urdu astronomy videos for kids aged 10-16 years. Its videos will cover basic concepts of the science of astronomy, many of which are part of the science […]

Third OruMbya Workshop on Astronomy and Afro, Indigenous Cultures in Brazil

Logo of OruMbya project on astronomy and afro, indigenous culture in Brazil

The OruMbya project organized its third online workshop in July 2021. The project uses astronomy’s connection to indigenous cultures as a developmental tool, addressing educational, ethnic-racial, gender, class and accessibility issues. OruMbya (Orum, sky in Yorubá, and Mbya, Brazilian Guarani ethnicity) is a pilot project to celebrate Astronomy as the fuel of life, in which […]

Interview with the IAU OAD European Regional Office Coordinator

Michelle Willebrands of the European Regional Office

Michelle Willebrands, the coordinator of the European Regional Office, talks to Space in Africa about the activities of the E ROAD in Africa and opportunities for collaborations between Europe and Africa. Michelle Willebrands is the project officer of the European Regional Office of the Office of Astronomy for Development. The European Office was the 10th […]

Watch Tutorial Videos from DARA Big Data School

Participants of the DARA Big Data school and hackathon in Kenya, a project under Flagship 3: Knowledge and Skills for Development

The Big Data School and Hackathon was organized by DARA Big Data in partnership with the OAD, Technical University Kenya, and IDIA. The Big Data School featured 2 days of programming, datascience and machine learning tutorials, followed by a 3 day hackathon. The tutorials were livestreamed on Youtube while the hackathon event was held on […]