“What Is Our Sun Made Up Of?” – Kainaat Kids Urdu Video

Kainaat Kids Urdu Video

The Kainaat Kids project, funded by the IAU OAD, has released its fourth astronomy educational video in Urdu (with English subtitles).

Kainaat Astronomy, a Youtube channel run by Prof Salman Hameed, publishes astronomy content in Urdu for a general audience. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020 severely disrupting school education, Prof Hameed and collaborators sought to create astronomy content aimed at students. Funded by the IAU OAD under the annual call for proposals, they launched Kainaat Kids, a channel for astronomy videos in Urdu aimed at kids 10-16 years of age.

Under this project, they plan to create 10 astronomy episodes covering basic concepts of the science of astronomy. The content closely aligns with the science curriculum in Pakistan (and other places) as well. To be accessible to the intended audience, the videos are published in Urdu with subtitles in English.

Kainaat Kids have recently published their fourth Urdu video on the Sun.

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