Mobile Astronomy Village

The key point of the project is the acquisition of a mobile planetarium. The team sees astronomy as an entry point to science and the scientific method in general for the youth of Benin. Everyone in our country sees the sky and wonders about the universe, but due to the lack of scientific education, beliefs can be stronger than scientific facts. The mobile planetarium and telescope will be a unique opportunity to explain astronomy and the scientific method to young people in Benin, with the aim of attracting more science students (especially women) and, in the long term, educating Beninese about astronomy. 


  • cultural week of astronomy: workshops, stargazing with students
  • activities organised to observe the International Day of Light and the International Day of Girls and Women in Astronomy
  • Open days to discover astronomy and space sciences
  • Teacher training on astronomy by the instructors of the NASE program
  • Formation and manufacture of the planetarium
  • Launch of school club activities


  • Posters, books, videos
  • Mobile planetarium and all its equipment
  • Telescopes
  • Manuals of the Amon-Rê library
  • Five school clubs created with teachers trained through the MAV Benin project as leaders. These are the clubs of CEG Akpassa, CEG Malanhoui, CEG Sèmè Tchakou, CEG Alogbè, CSP/ Les Jumeaux.


  • Most students understood the importance of astronomy and space sciences and want to belong to a school astronomy club.
  • The planetarium sessions stimulated curiosity among students to discover the sciences of space, its various opportunities and even consider a career in the sector.
  • The trained teachers use astronomy methods in their practice
  • 3 craftsmen and 3 members of the MAV project team mastered the manufacture and animation of the planetarium with local materials. 

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