Art and Science Come Together in “Astrologos” Stories (Italian)

Astrologos stories

Source – INAF

Astrologos” is a science-art project funded by the OAD that revolves around the recording of five short stories by world-renowned writer Italo Calvino, taken from the book ‘Cosmicomics’, inspired by astronomical facts, and commented on by several astronomers. The recordings, accompanied by original soundtracks and drawings, are publicly available online (Italian). The project hopes to remind the listener of the importance of maintaining perspective and faith in human collaboration, both through scientific inquiry, as well as the arts.

There are five stories: “The light years”, “The distance of the Moon”, “Without colors”, “On the day” and “All in one point”. They all draw inspiration from topics of astronomy, and each of them is commented by astronomers: Arianna Cortesi, Paola Dimauro, Marco Grossi , Claudia Mignone, and Laura Schreiber.

“It was that moment of the pandemic in which free films, circus shows, concerts passed online … A free and fraternal world. I always have a nostalgic memory of the first moments of the pandemic,” says Cortesi. “And I thought about Cosmicomics , how wonderfully deep and ironic Calvino is, how we could do everything online … And I thought of Claudia, knowing that she shares a passion for Calvino and Cosmicomics ., and to Marco, a friend and colleague in Rio. I thought of Federica, with whom I have been collaborating for years in art and astronomy projects. I thought of Isis, with whom I have also developed various projects in the past. And above all I thought of Claudio Casadio, an actor I admire a lot and I hoped he would agree to collaborate for the love of art and science”.