A Design Manual for Astrotourism Experiences

astrotourism manual

“A Design Manual For Astro-tourism Experiences” is an astrotourism manual that offers guidance and knowledge on improving the quality, appeal, and diversity of the astro-tourism experiences that may be designed and implemented in different local settings. It is primarily aimed at owners, managers, or decision-makers of institutions that offer astronomical tourism experiences today, including tourism enterprises, municipal observatories, scientific observatories, etc. The manual is also for entrepreneurs who want to venture into this promising sector.

This astrotourism manual is an adaptation from the original developed by VERDE Ltda., as part of the project Astrotourismo Chile and funded by Corfo. Astrotourismo Chile’s goal was to develop a strategic plan and various tools to transform Chile into the most prominent astro-tourism destination in the world by 2025. The English version has been published by the International Astronomical Union’s European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development.

The IAU OAD also coordinates the Flagship project on Sustainable socio-economic benefits for a community through the introduction of an astronomical facility. The flagship aims to use an astronomical facility, such as an observatory or planetarium, to stimulate various associated socio-economic benefits for the local community.