Monthly Archives: December 2018

Winner of Falling Walls Engage 2018

Francesca Fragcoudi, PI of Columba Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace was one of two winners of the Falling Walls Engage for 2018. Falling Walls Engage is an international platform for all forms of science engagement, hosted by Falling Walls in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Its goal is to showcase successful science engagement projects from […]

Results of the 2018 Annual Call for Proposals

The OAD is pleased to announce the results of its 2018 annual call for proposals. Twenty projects will receive funding from the IAU in 2019 to address challenges using astronomy-related interventions. Projects funded include a school program in India that will use astronomy to dispel potentially harmful superstition; education programs using astronomy to inspire and […]


The ArAS School for Astrophysics (ArAS SfA) is an initiative of the Arab Astronomical Society (ArAS). Its objective is to give students the opportunity to be trained by professional astronomers in order to make up the shortage of expertise in the field. In 2016 and 2018, using funds from IAU-OAD, we were able to provide […]


In spite of our advanced space program, India still suffers from the evils of blind faith and superstition. It is time for the scientific community to rise up and act against this growing trend. To encourage rational thinking in people, it is important to inculcate scientific temper in students at an early stage. Using astronomy […]


Pre-algebra skills – ratios, proportions, linear equations – are the foundation of all higher maths and sciences, yet are not well taught in most countries. Such math tends to be a gate-keeper in many countries: for example, 70% of US adults are, on average, are pre-algebra illiterate (Eric Gaze, Developing countries have worse pre-algebra […]