Results of the 2018 Annual Call for Proposals

The OAD is pleased to announce the results of its 2018 annual call for proposals. Twenty projects will receive funding from the IAU in 2019 to address challenges using astronomy-related interventions. Projects funded include a school program in India that will use astronomy to dispel potentially harmful superstition; education programs using astronomy to inspire and educate refugee populations in Algeria and Nigeria; development of a mobile tactile dome and a tactile ‘umbrella-planetarium’ for visually impaired audiences; astronomy teacher trainings in Liberia and Mongolia to improve education outcomes; and a mentorship program for women in physics/astronomy in developing countries among others.  

Similar to last year, a two-stage application process was followed. A total of 120 applications were received at stage 1 from which 39 were selected to proceed to stage 2 by the OAD review panel with input from the OAD Regional Offices. The OAD and its Regional Offices then worked with the selected teams, providing guidance on making the proposals more relevant to the call and suggesting ways to improve them.

The OAD received 38 full applications by the stage 2 deadline. These were evaluated by the independent review panel and recommendations submitted to the OAD Steering Committee, which approved the final list of projects. The total amount that will be granted to the funded projects will be €113,100.

The call for proposals is open to anyone from anywhere in the world. The next call is expected to be announced in April 2019.

List of projects funded:

1.     2019 Girls Astronomy Camp in Nigeria
2.     Amanar: Under the Same Sky targeting Sahrawi refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria
3.     Amazonas: Celebrating Astronomy in Brazil
4.     Astrolab: the consolidation phase in Southern, Eastern and West African countries
5.     Astronomy for Canadian Indigenous People in Canada
6.     The Supernova Foundation Mentoring Programme for developing countries
7.     Astronomy to Develop Pre-Algebra Skills in Uganda
8.     Molo Mhlaba in South Africa
9.     Clear Skies in India
10.  Under the Same Sky: Teaching the Teachers in Liberia
11.  Teacher training outreach for Astronomy and Science in Mongolia
12.  Development through Astronomy in Pakistan
13.  Fourth ArAS School for Astrophysics for Arab league countries
14.  IDP Children Astronomer’s Outreach in Nigeria
15.  Indonesia Malaysia project on Astronomy education using tactile images in Indonesia and Malaysia
16.  Industry skills from astronomy for emerging economies in South Africa
17.  Reach for the Stars (Planetarium for the Blind) in Philippines
18.  SYSTEM Sounds: Interactive Space Music for global audience via internet
19.  The 3rd South West and Central Asian Regional Workshop for SWCA ROAD countries: Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey
20.  Behold the Sky in Brazil

The OAD has also compiled a ‘Recommended list’ of project proposals that were approved by the reviewers but could not be funded. Browse through the Recommended list and contact us for more details or to support one or more projects.