Annual Call for Proposals


The IAU has always funded several projects related to astronomy-for-development activities. In the era of the OAD and in implementing the Strategic Plan, the IAU allocates these funds via the Task Forces. This ensures a more strategic approach to using astronomy for development with input from experienced international experts. The funding cycle is an annual one with funding allocations announced in December for the next calendar year in each of the three respective sectors (universities and research, children and schools, and public outreach). A total of €100 000 has been provisionally allocated to the Task Forces for the 2014 Call for Proposals but final amounts provided to each Task Force will be determined by the IAU Extended Development Oversight Committee (EDOC) and depend on the quality and relevance of the proposals received.

Although the spirit of the OAD is to be as flexible and unbureaucratic as possible in order to ensure maximum benefit from the funds available, it is still important for proposers to provide the detail requested by the dates indicated in order for proposals to be assessed fairly and in a timely way. Projects which are not funded directly by the IAU but which are still ranked highly by the task forces go onto a “recommended list” for which the OAD continues to search for funds throughout the year.

Please view the 2014 Calls for Proposals from each of the task forces by clicking on the menu on the left or following these links directly (Note deadline has passed: midnight UTC on 31 August 2014 – for clarity, last proposals should arrive at 23:59 UTC on 31 August 2014):


Although English is the working language of the OAD, we will be happy to arrange translations of the call and documents if you need it. Please contact Kevin Govender ( if you would like to request a translation

Même si l’anglais est la langue utilisée au bureau d’astronomie pour le développement (OAD), nous mettons volontiers à disposition des traductions des documents d’appel d’offre si vous en avez besoin. Veuillez prendre contact avec Kevin Govender ( si vous avez besoin d’une traduction.

Aunque la OAD trabaja mayoritariamente en inglés, nos ofrecemos a organizar traducciones para la convocatoria de propuestas y documentos relacionados. Para solicitar una traducción, por favor póngase en contacto con Kevin Govender (

Несмотря на то, что рабочим языком для OAD является английский, мы готовы организовать перевод документов, если Вы нуждаетесь в этом. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с Kevin Govender (,  если Вам необходим перевод документов

虽然英语是OAD的工作语言,但是如果您需要翻译成所需语言的文件,我们将很高兴为您提供翻译服务。如果需要翻译,请用电子邮件与何金华联系 (。

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