Support to proposers from OAD

Although our calls for proposals are open to anyone, we understand that not everyone has training or experience in writing proposals. A potential applicant can request 

  1. Proposal writing support: Applicants will be matched up with an astronomer or other expert with experience in writing proposals. The expert will guide and advise the applicant on the proposal structure and language. Contact us at with details of what you need by May 14.
  2. Translation support: We welcome proposals from people in different countries but due to practical constraints, we only accept applications in English. If that is not your first language or if you do not feel comfortable writing a proposal in English, you can contact us to request translation support. In this case, your proposal will be translated to English exactly as you have written it in your language. Contact us at by May 14

You may also use free tools such as Google Translate or chatGPT to help you improve your proposal language or even translate from your language to English.

Below is the process to request support:
  1. Send an email to with details of your request. Tell us what support you need and briefly why you need it
  2. We will match you with one of the volunteer astronomers who have experience in proposal writing OR a volunteer translator, depending on your request.
  3. You will work directly with the volunteer who will help you improve or translate your proposal.
  4. Once you are happy with the final proposal in English, you will submit it online by the deadline.
All proposals received by the deadline will be evaluated in the same way. The review panel will not know whether you received Proposal Writing Support or not.

We depend on volunteers to provide the above forms of support. Hence, we cannot guarantee these services (it will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis) or their accuracy. Nor can we provide assurance of selection if you avail this support.