Update: Workshop

Big Data in Astronomy: A potential tool for Social Innovation ( BARiStA ), is a workshop that has been granted partial funding from the IAU-OAD. Other sponsors and partners:
● We have successfully got endorsement from the Square Kilometre Array South Africa project.
● The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) will provide staff support who will be joining us as tutors.
● The Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA) project, which is a joint UK-South Africa Newton Fund human capital development project has partneredto facilitate 10 SKA African partner students to attend the workshop in Mauritius.
● A crowd funding proposal with FIAT Physica and the support we have received will be used for the local expenses for the participants.

The final list of participants has been sent out and the logistics are under-way for the participants to attend the workshop. We have received around 60 applicants in total, with the majority of the applicants from the African continent. 75% of the participants requested financial support but we could only accommodate 15% of them from our various fundings. We have also some European participants who will be self-funding.

Workshop web page