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Stakeholders Discuss Environmental Protection in Mongolia Through Astronomy

This project organized a national seminar on “Environmental protection in Gobi region of Mongolia using astronomical outreach activities”. Climate change and other human induced activities have had a significant impact on the Gobi region, resulting in light pollution, desertification, increased occurrences of drought, water source depletion, dust storm and a decrease in biological diversity as […]

Overview: Astro-tourism with nomadic herder in forest area of Mongolia

Astro-tourism with nomadic herder

Our goal is to train nomadic herders in basic astronomy and develop Astro-tourism in around Khuvsgul province, the forest area of Mongolia. In the future the project will be expanded across the country; it will focus on Astro-homestay with nomadic families in Mongolia. Khuvsgul lake area of the Khuvsgul province is the place of blue […]