Translating and Distributing ‘Space Scoop’ to Students in Underprivileged Areas of Pakistan

Target location: Pakistan

Target audience: School going children who do not have access to the internet. They are particularly hit hard by the school closures due to the pandemic. Students who belong to distant/underprivileged areas of Pakistan where English medium schools do not exist and their education is primarily in Urdu. Apart from this, this magazine is for teachers and the public — and of course whoever wants to read or wants to explore.

The aim of the project is to translate an astronomy book and adapt it for an audience that reads and comprehends Urdu but has difficulty understanding English. The particular group of people being targeted are 6 -15 year old kids and their teachers in the areas of Pakistan where internet availability is not present and education is at a total halt due to Covid-19 restrictions. Around 1000 copies of Space Scoop translated into Urdu will be delivered to these areas. Posters regarding Covid-19 awareness could be included with the astronomy books.