Resources for our projects

The OAD is a coordinating centre for activities that promote sustainable development using astronomy. The office funds projects that create a positive impact through astronomy. But it‘s responsibility does not end with the provision of grants. The OAD seeks to offer various forms of non-financial support to assist teams achieve optimal outcomes. 

This page compiles some of the resources that project teams may find useful before, during, and after project implementation. 


IAU AstroEdu – Peer reviewed astronomy educational activities for schools

IAU Big Ideas – what should all people on the planet know about astronomy?

Astronomy Glossary – glossary of astronomical terms (school level)

IAU materials for public engagement – open-source materials designed to be used in public engagement training workshops

Astronomy images – some websites for astronomical images by Prof Andrew Fraknoi


Long-run outcomes: Measuring program effectiveness over time: blog by MIT JPAL research centre that builds scientific evidence on social interventions

Evaluation toolkit by Europlanet: toolkit to empower outreach providers and educators in measuring the impact of their activities


Fundraising How To: How to go about preparing to fundraise for your project

Funding opportunities





Google Impact Challenges

nonprofits and social enterprises with ideas that can create change at the pace and scale the world needs today. The best and boldest ideas are given a strategic package of funding, mentorship, and technical support.

Various – location and sector changes each year

100x Impact Accelerator

The 100x Impact Accelerator offers entrepreneurs £150,000 of catalytic capital, world-class resources, door-opening connections and 12 weeks of programming to catapult their social venture into the future.

Climate and Environment  Democracy  


Equitable Economies  Happiness and Wellbeing  Health and Social Care  New Frontiers  

Refugees and Cohesion

Global Schools Forum – Impact@Scale labs

a 100,000USD grant to support impactful innovations in education


King Baudouin Foundation


education, social justice, climate, health, heritage
iF Social Impact Prize

EUR 100,000 awarded for the top projects

initiatives that advance society and contribute to UN SDGs

UN World Tourism Organisation Startup Competition

Mentorship, training, and more