RAS OAD Mobility Grant Recipients Announced

The Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), UK and the International Astronomical Union Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) are excited to announce the results of the 2023 RAS OAD mobility grants. A total of £5900 has been awarded to six projects that will establish or nurture research, education and/or development related collaborations between the United Kingdom and countries where astronomy research is not well established.

Successful grant recipients will travel from or to the UK for a knowledge exchange visit. The 2023 winners involve collaborations between the UK and Tanzania, Pakistan, Kenya, Argentina and Ethiopia. The awards are offered through a partnership between the RAS and OAD.

The projects funded are 

  • “Visiting Science Zone UK to learn how to use Astronomy concepts to attract Students/Kids in Tanzania to love Science and Innovation”, submitted by Musa Mishamo from Tanzania and hosted by Neil Carrington from Science Zone UK
  •  “Building an international research link through radio studies of accreting pulsars” submitted by Hira Fatima from Pakistan and hosted by Jakob Van den Eijnden from Warwick University
  • “UK – Africa AGN Collaboration Workshop: AGN Populations Across Continents and Cosmic Time”, submitted by Isaac Mutie from Kenya and hosted by Ann Njeri from Newcastle University
  • “Study of the Saturn-Titan plasma interaction as a testbed for the analysis of the Jupiter-Ganymede interaction by JUICE”, submitted Cesar Bertucci from Argentina and hosted by Nicholas Achilleos from UCL
  • “Silicon in the Savannah: Kisima Library Project in Maralal, Kenya” submitted by. Carringtone Kinyanjui from the UK and hosted by Isaac Mutie from Technical University of Kenya
  • “Ethiopia-Exeter: Examining the climate sensitivity of habitable Exoplanets (4E.)” submitted by Hawi Yohanis from Ethiopia and hosted by Nathan Mayne from the University of Exeter


The Office of Astronomy for Development is a partnership between the International Astronomical Union with the South African National Research Foundation, and supported by the South African Department of Science and Innovation. Located at the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town, South Africa, the OAD aims to further the use of astronomy, including its practitioners, skills and infrastructures, as a tool for development.

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