Project Trains Girls as Change Makers

The project targeted girl children from disadvantaged, rural communities in Dindigul, India and nurtured them as social change agents. The aim was to create first generation social change makers who can influence their family and society in bringing down the superstition and improving the gender condition in society.

The project formed 10 school clubs for girls and equipped them in basic astronomy through lessons, practical experiments, reading materials. It also reached out to teachers, parents associations and volunteers. Students were taken on a trip to a professional astronomy observatory to provide further exposure. To sustain momentum, computer education programs are run for the club participants and they continue to learn astronomy through visual learning.

Important outcomes of the project:

  • First generation learners of disadvantaged communities were provided an opportunity to learn about astronomy and sciences
  • Reduced myths and superstition among children, parents and communities
  • Increased health and hygiene practices in post COVID 19 situation
  • Established platform for learning through computer centres