Overview of the project

Project title: Network for Astronomy School Education (NASE), Africa
Project leader: Prof. Rosa Ros

NASE is a specific project for Secondary and Primary schools teachers. It is crucial to act before the university and research period in the curricula of children and teenagers. Hence it is necessary to educate teachers in astronomy topics. In general, there is some astronomy in school curricula, but without any nearby observatory or access to telescopes, they have to limit their lessons to books in a very theoretical way.

NASE will organise two or three courses for secondary or primary school teachers in cooperation with a local organising committee (NASE group of 6-8 teachers) who will, in turn, organise the following editions every year. After the course, the NASE group will be able to continue organising other activities in the country (courses, seminars, festivals, performances, workshops and the basic NASE course too) every year in each country, in coordination with the NASE Programme.

In 2013 we plan to participate in several conferences and meetings in different countries in order to explain the NASE program.