Overview of the project

Project title: Mathare Ambassadors of Astronomy, Nairobi, Kenya
Project leader: Ms. Katarzyna Tekien

Project Mathare Ambassadors of Astronomy aims at promoting astronomy among primary school teachers and students in the Mathare slum of Nairobi (Kenya) through improving their knowledge and skills, providing educational aids and creating the network of Mathare Ambassadors of Astronomy – a team of trained teachers capable of training their colleagues thus multiplying the outputs of the project.

Mathare slum is a non-formal settlement characterised by a high-level of poverty, lack of proper infrastructure and poor sanitary conditions. Most of 80 primary schools located in the slum offer low quality education, especially in the field of science and astronomy. Since 2009, the Partners Poland Foundation has been working to improve the quality of education by investing in teachers’ skills and educational infrastructure. Trainings on practical science and astronomy organised in previous years, opening of two computer centres and science lab in Mathare will make it possible to carry out the project Mathare Ambassadors of Astronomy. The project will consist of 5 main activities:

i. Mathare Ambassadors of Astronomy Training of Trainers: At least 12 teachers already cooperating with Partners Poland Foundation will undergo intense and advanced training on astronomy and presentation skills to be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to other teachers from Mathare.

ii. Introduction of Astronomy to Mathare Schools: Mathare Ambassadors of Astronomy will train at least 54 primary school teachers in Mathare on basics of practical astronomy and usage of Galileoscopes.

iii. Provision of astronomy educational aids: At least 20 schools from Mathare will be provided with total of 35 Galileoscopes and toolkit comprising of 10 lessons on practical astronomy that can be delivered in the classroom.

iv. Astronomy workshops in the classroom: Both Mathare Ambassadors of Astronomy and their trainees will conduct practical astronomy lessons for at least 1500 primary school students in Mathare.

v. Mathare Astronomy Exhibition: A display of astronomy artefacts created during teachers’ trainings and workshops for students (e.g. models of solar system, umbrella planetarium, etc.) will be organised. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote astronomy among teachers, students and other members of Mathare community.