Overview of the project

Project leader: Mponda Malozo, mponda.malozo@gmail.com
Project location: Tanzania

Project description:
Astro-Science Ambassadors are science teachers trained to teach using astronomy as a tool for inquiry based science education in Tanzania. These ambassadors participated in a training workshop which designed to develop astro-science curriculum activities in line with science syllabuses of the United Republic of Tanzania.

These materials will be used by the Organization for Science Education and Observatory situated in Arusha, Tanzania. Each ambassador will be responsible for a science subject (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography or Mathematics) to develop astro-science activities and disseminate these to other teachers and schools.

The Astro-Science Ambassador Outreach project is unique and innovative because it is a model for inquiry based science education that has the support of Tanzanian Ministry of Education Regional Officers, local educators, and community members. It is based in Northern Tanzania focusing on the work of the Organization for Science Education and Observatory in Usa River. The project will take astro-science knowledge and skills to more teachers, students, schools and government officers in Arusha region of northern Tanzania.

The project will make use of the activities developed by astro-science ambassadors during the astro-science curriculum development workshop in June, 2014. It will use the resources distributed by Telescopes to Tanzania, UNAWE-Tanzania and the Organization for Science Education and Observatory to reach out to schools in the Arusha/Meru region and practice the new activities with the teachers and education officers.

By the end of the project we will reach 24 schools, 48 teachers, engage 2 government district education officers and reach up to 1000 students from the region. The project looked to be pilot to the rest of the regions within Tanzania for the government to scale up as well as to other countries in East Africa, in observing the role of astronomy in promoting science and development.

About the project leader:
Mr. Mponda Malozo is the project coordinator in Tanzania for Universe Awareness Tanzania and Telescopes to Tanzania. He is also the national coordinator for Astronomers Without Borders, the Galileo Teacher Training Program, and Star Peace in Tanzania, through which he conducts outreach activities.