Overview of the project

Project title: Training of Policy Makers in Ethiopia
Project leader: Dr. Solomon Tessema

Astronomy is one of the most exciting subjects that can be used to teach science education and convey scientific methods to children at primary school and public as whole. In order to make an Astronomy and Space Sciences programme sustainable, policy makers must be aware and know the use of Astronomy and Space Sciences and its application to sustainable socio-economic development. The Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) has done a lot to raise public awareness in Ethiopia for the last 8 years and the government and universities have already started programmes in Astronomy. The public and policy makers interest are increasing from time to time in Ethiopia. By taking this opportunity, the policy makers awareness training program is organized in such away to enhance the policy makers basic understanding and knowledge of importance of astronomy, and space science for sustainable development, to push policy makers to include astronomy and space science into national policy program , to avoid misunderstanding of astronomy and space science, to involve higher officials for the development of science and technology as main agenda in Africa, to assure the political visibility for the development of astronomy in Ethiopia.