Overview of the project

Project title: The UNAWE-UNESCO-Mobil I for Central America
Project leader: Mr. Daniel Ekdesman

The Universe Awareness programme (UNAWE) is a programme endorsed by the IAU and the UNESCO aiming to inspire young disadvantaged children and stimulate their interest in science and technology, in culture and global citizenship through astronomy. At the moment there are 57 countries affiliated to UNAWE. The goal of this proposal is to bring UNAWE to five Central American countries still lacking the programme (El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica y Panamá) and reinforce the UNAWE activities in Guatemala. Following the expansion and implementation of the UNAWE-programme in Venezuela, this will be achieved through the network of schools associated to the UNESCO in those countries. We will visit together with the national UNESCO-coordinators at least two schools per country on board of a UNAWE-UNESCO-mobil carrying the UNAWE-“Universe at the Box”, other UNAWE-materials (from Spain), self developed educational materials and telescopes. Our activities will have a duration of one week per school, and will be centered on direct activities with the children, teacher trainings (with the assistance of the UNESCO-national coordinators), and public events. After each training the teachers will receive binoculars, a small telescope and visual material (posters) to create astronomy clubs at their schools. Throughout the Moon will be the thread from which will start to explore the night sky. It will also be the object that will allow to gain insights into the multiple cultural identities, which in turn will be enriched by the exchange of “video cards” on the moon between children from different regions of Central America. A long lasting impact will be guaranteed by building up a UNAWE-Network within the UNESCO-schools of these countries supported by the national UNESCO-coordinators, the educational ministries, and local amateur and professional astronomers. For the whole proyect we have received already the endorsement of the UNESCO-Office for Latin America and the Caribic.