Overview of project

SN-CV project will promote Galileo Teacher Training (GTTP) workshops and astronomy education activities at the university and schools of 4 Cape-verdean islands during 15 days, in Oct. 2018. Our target audiences are teachers, STEM undergraduates and school students. We’ll also dedicate 1 day of our program to work with vulnerable children. SN-CV is lead by an international team from Cape Verde, Portugal, Brazil and Principe, all members of the IAUPLOAD. The project’s main goals are to train teachers to use web-based technologies in astronomy to promote their digital literacy as well as to encourage the transmission of this knowledge to their students, that will also be supported by the educational resources donated to the teachers and schools. We’ll promote the capacity building of Principe and Cape Verde members, who are less familiar with astronomy concepts than the other members. At the end of the activities, SN-CV team will join the PLOAD annual meeting, to be held in Praia.