Overview: Inclusive astronomy in Guatemala

Continuation of the project “Popularization of science with an inclusive approach” in which we generated written material in 3 mayan languages (q’eqchi, k’iche’ and poqomchi), spanish, braille, sign language and 3D astronomical models that will be used for outreach activities for the general public including some exclusive for girls and others for persons with visual and hearing disabilities mainly in remote areas of the country where traditionally there is little access to science activities. For example a book in q’eqchi was generated in this stage, this can be viewed at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W-7i_fyrf8A3rUUoRgeZG6kKtuLYIsqa/view .
We will generate materials in other mayan languages (kaqchikel and mam), spanish, braille, sign languages. The topics to include will be galaxies, black holes, space rockets and Mars.

A board game for kids using astronomical pictures in collaboration with the National Science Secretariat of Guatemala will be created in different languages. We will have outreach activities in remote areas in collaboration with professors and students, astronomical clubs, Alpha-Cen and local leaders from different communities.

The activities planned includes:
• Workshops of astronomy using touch using 3D models and braille texts. Persons with no visual problems will have their eyes covered. The material will be given to the persons attending the activity.
• Talks of astronomy to the general public given by experts with translation to the local and sign language.
• Workshop for kids, separated into different groups depending on their ages. They will play a board game and will draw and color astronomical images. At the end they will keep the material.
• Workshops for young girls including activities around women in astronomy, highlighting the achievements made by them.

Contact: José Rodrigo Sacahui Reyes jrsacahui@profesor.usac.edu.gt