The project will deliver astronomy lectures, games, and do-it-yourself astronomy equipment to young kids. Due to voluminous number of kids who belong below the poverty line, we are aiming to cater about 300 kids for 3batches, in three different places, aged 7-10 years old who are living in the slums of metro manila and will render the outreach at the Multipurpose Hall of each Barangays. This project would like to provide scientific engagement with the kids where we can share our expertise and let them embrace astronomy in their hearts by exposing them to the beauty of the cosmos, and the technologies we used. We will go to their place, teach them elementary concepts in astronomy, teaching astronomy using re-lyric nursery rhymes (English and Filipino), storytelling (in mother tongue), perform coloring skills, and assemble do-it-yourself astronomical equipment. The project will run for 9 weeks (once a week visit, three weeks per batch). Through this outreach, we can pose astronomy as a form of silver lining in their challenging daily lived-experiences, and entice them, at this early age, they are exposed to the field of science and technology, specially astronomy.