The increase in internally displaced persons (IDP’s)to 1.7million people in Nigeria breeds grounds for inequality, illiteracy, peace & security problems and other developmental challenges for the future of the IDP children. This project aims to teach the children to embrace peace and togetherness by bringing in seasoned counsellorsand professionals to be a part of the project. Astronomy would be used as a tool to educate and solar powered learning hubs would be installed in their camp. We will be targetting IDP camp in Garki area of Abuja.

Africa has 80% of the world’s internally displaced persons. According to UNHCR, in the past 3 years, the number of internally displaced persons in Nigeria has tripled reaching 1.7 million persons, mostly women and children.

Astronomy is to be used tool to counsel, heal and inspire traumatized children that have been displaced due to ethno-religious conflicts in Nigeria. The plan is to have an Astronomer’s outreach to cater for 500 IDP (Internally displaced persons) children. Project activities will include coupling a Galileoscope, Tinkering with microcontrollers/DC motors, Educative documentaries, Star gazing with Telescopes & several others.

Most of the children in the camps have been in school prior to being displaced from their villages. In the camps, non governmental organizations volunteer their time to educate the children on periodical and informal basis. This project has identified astronomy as a tool because it is one of the oldest natural sciences and for the fact that the children are used to being taught in an informal setting, understanding the universe can be passed across suitably to the children.Astronomy would prove more effective than other subjects that are based on a structured curricula. It is common knowledge that amateurs play an active role in astronomy.