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  • Weekly activities at the Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS) Cultural Forum located at the AUASS Office in Amman
  • Public observation of the transit of Mercury event, (at the Amman Citadel), in cooperation with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, RASC
  • “Astronomy and Astrology from a Scientific and Historical Perspectives”, by Hanna Sabat, at the RCSSTE –WA
  • MEARIM 2020 Meeting will be hosted by RCSSTE from 12-15 October 2020

East Africa

  • EA-ROAD  in collaboration with Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute successfully coordinate and  organized  the Astronomy in Africa scientific business meeting of the African Astronomy Scientific meeting (AfAS) and the IAU356 symposium in Oct 2019
  • EA-ROAD  in collaboration with Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute successfully coordinate and  organized  the African Space  Leadership Congress(ASLC) that was held from 02-04 Dec 2019
  • EA-ROAD participated in the Second round of Astrobus Ethiopia conducted from 06-17 Dec 2019 in the Northern part of Ethiopia, covering 8 main cities

East Asia

  • East Asia Office established “Science Fiction and Science – STEM education using superheroes” Community of Practice at XJTLU, Suzhou
  • In October, a planning meeting was held with IAU President Ewine van Dishoeck at Shanghai Astronomical Observatories


  • European ROAD will be hosting a symposium celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Pale Blue Dot in Leiden in Februrary 2020
  • Preparations ongoing for twinning program with Regional Offices
  • European ROAD will organize a special session about Astronomy for Development and Climate at the EAS Annual Meeting (EWASS) June/July 2020 in Leiden

Portuguese Language

  • A presentation about PLOAD during the IAUS 358: Astronomy for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, in Tokyo, Japan. A commemorative medal of the 1919 eclipse observations was awarded to the IAU President by PLOAD- Brazil coordinators.
  • Activities conducted during the World Science Day for Peace and Development in November in Brazil, Mozambique, and Portugal. Detailed programme here

South East Asia

South West and Central Asia

  • Unistar Armenia Festival with participation of Russian cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov, Andrey Babkin and Nikolay Tikhonov
  • Areg Mickaelian participated in the UNESCO Conference “Astronomy and World Heritage”

Southern Africa

  • Two astronomy training workshops (AstroLab) were held in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Zimbabwe workshop was hosted by theNational University of Science and Technology (NUST) from 30 Octoberto 4th November 2019, funded by NUST and the AstroLab project grant. The South Africa workshop was held by the University of Venda from 18-22 November 2019, funded by the South African Department of Science and Innovation, the AstroLab project grant, NASSP and the University of Venda
  • NASE workshop in Zambia from December 9-12 2019 at theUniversity of Zambia

West Africa

  • WAISSYA 2019 summer school held at Abuja, Nigeria from October 21 – November 02.
  • WAROAD is collaborating with astronomers fron Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur (OCA), France to develop Astronomy in West Africa