“Moons, Asteroids and Comets” – Urdu Astronomy Video for Kids (with subs)

Video 3 - Urdu Astronomy Video for Kids

The “Video Astronomy Lessons for Pakistani School Children” project has released the third astronomy educational video in Urdu (with English subtitles).

The project, run by Kainaat Kids, produces Urdu astronomy videos for kids aged 10-16 years. Its videos will cover basic concepts of the science of astronomy, many of which are part of the science curriculum in Pakistan (and other places).

In addition to creating content in the local language, Urdu, Kainaat Kids’ videos emphasize local contexts and examples and are delivered by scientists and communicators from the country. This results in content that is more relatable and accessible to the target audience.

The project has published three videos so far which are available online, with plans to make them available more widely in the future.

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