East Africa

  • The Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) and the International Astronomical Union have renewed their agreement to continue hosting the East African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (EA ROAD) in Addis Ababa for the next 5 years
  • The office played a major role in organizing events celebrating the June 2020 annual solar eclipse in East Africa and Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, the event was organized by ESSTI, EA-ROAD, Ethiopian Space Science Society, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Kotebe Metropolitan University. EA-ROAD cooperated and work closely with African Astronomical Society, Astronomer without Border, Korean Astronomy and Space Institute, US Embassy in Addis Ababa, Embassy of USA, South Korea, and Ethiopian Airlines
  • The EA ROAD director participated and presented in the Global Hands on Universe- GHOU2020 conference  as well as the European Astronomical Society annual meeting 


North America

  • The office completed phase one of data collection for the Needs Assessment with a response from nearly 200 people. The responses will be analyzed to inform the strategic planning

Portuguese Language

  • Virtual Planetarium Sessions offered by Unipampa, Brazil

South East Asia

  • SEA-ROAD Webinar ”A Dialogue on the Role of Astronomy in the COVID-19 Era” highlighted the significance of astronomy as atool to tackle COVID-19 pandemic
  • Virtual meeting with officials from Ministry of Science and Technology of Laos PDR on Astronomical Infrastructure Development andAstronomy Trainings for students and teachers

South West and Central Asia

Southern Africa

  • Online training for science teachers in Zambia on Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILS) with facilitators from Nigeria and Kenya under GOGA project in Africa
  • The Southern African, East African, West African, and North American Regional Offices are coordinating the project, ‘Online collaboration and studentship coaching amid COVID-19’, funded under the OAD COVID-19 call

West Africa